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7 Strategies to Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2014

Today I decided to share some helpful methods and strategies to increase your blog traffic. These strategies which I’m going to share required much patience, efforts, hard working and most important is implementation. Here I want to quote an awesome quotation which is: “If you want to

How to Reduce Spam Comments in WordPress Blog?

How to reduce spam comments in wordpress is most commonly asked question? Each and every beginner in wordpress is worried about how to stop or reduce spam comments in wordpress. In this article I’m going to suggest full solution of this problem. Spam comments are very dangerous

50 Fresh Photoshop CS6 Tutorials of 2014

Helpful Photoshop cs6 tutorials lead learners to superior level. You can make a good-looking graphics design by means of following the most excellent and fresh Photoshop cs6 tutorials. Nowadays each and every graphic designer uses Adobe Photoshop CS6 to create attractive and high quality images and graphics

How to Install WordPress on Bluehost in Simple Steps?

How to install WordPress Is common question asked by friends of mine? The person who is beginner in blogging and do not have much information about blogging platform asked question is reasonable. Only few days ago one of my friends asked a couple of questions what is

Top 25 Helpful Windows 7 Gadgets for 2014

Windows 7 Gadgets are helpful and wonderful as PC monitoring tools that keep your computer healthy and easy to use. You can monitor many Windows 7 features like CPU, memory, hard disk drive and network handling easily and simply by using windows 7 gadgets. Windows 7 Gadgets

How to show IP Address of Your Users in Blogger?

How to show IP Address of your users in blogger’s blog? In the end of this article you will find its solution. So carry on !!! There are a lot of argues to show IP Address of your users from which security measures is most important. There

Fashion And Lifestyle Bloglovin Blog Reader Raises $7M

Bloglovin, is a website where visitors can go after their desired fashion and way of life blogs, is declares that it has elevated a $7 million blog readers. The corporation was established in Sweden sponsor in 2007, but it shifted its H.Q. to New York previous year.

40+ Best Free iPhone apps for 2014

Many best iPhone apps are worth paying, but there are fairly as a lot of great ones obtainable for best free iPhone apps. Whether you’re following the Best free iPhone apps or else the Apps Store fundamentals, T3’s app experts choose the best iPhone apps to grab

25+ Useful Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorials are best source of learning Photoshop CS6. The latest released versions of Photoshop CS6 come through dozens of novel preferences changes. Adobe Photoshop CS6 is incredible for web designing and web designers who are looking to make icons, illustration, brandings and nearly any

15+ Useful Premium WordPress Plugins for 2014

In the following I’m going to present my special list of the mainly great premium WordPress plugins. These premium wordpress plugins will twist your website into a power house… It means that your site will do improved and save you time so you can focus your concentration